Kalinda IT - Intelligent Transportation System

Transportation is very important for the economy in the world, it helps physically connect us to each other. However, demands placed on transportation systems are constantly increasing due to the globalisation of economy, accessibility, and growing population. Furthermore, pressure on personal and public transportation and safety in urban areas is increasing as well.

Kalinda Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

The Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are the building blocks of Kalinda Intelligent Transportation System that connects vehicles, traffic signals and other infrastructure with multiple benefits as an outcome. Kalinda ITS can help make transportation more efficient by reducing emissions and safe by preventing accidents and easing congestions. Examples of available ITS services:

  • fleet management
  • intelligent traffic management
  • V2X communication
  • electric vehicle charging
  • electronic toll collection
  • traffic enforcement
  • other mobility solutions

With Kalinda Edge Data Centers and our partner ecosystem we can enable AI and analytics in near-real time to help manage traffic flow and support public safety.

Kalinda e-Police Solution

Kalinda’s e-Police solution is an all-in-one law enforcement platform that monitors vehicles in real-time capturing dangerous driver behaviours such as mobile phone usage. A single system can capture speeding, red-light, illegal turn, illegal stopping and many more offenses. We are monitoring 100,000’s of vehicles on a daily basis preventing accidents and creating safe driving awareness.