Kalinda IT Managed Services

The move behind the development of Kalinda IT’s Managed Service was to take away the need for our customers to run and manage their own environments and allow them to refocus on their core business. This is truly a partnership model between our customers and Kalinda IT. From basic outsourcing of IT service resources through to entire IT departments, Kalinda IT’s model is one of flexibility and growth.

Managed Communication & Collaboration

With constant change of workplaces optimising the way we communicate, monitor and measure our interactions with customers and team members can be challenging. We offer a variety of platforms and keep your company connected by identifying and implementing the best solution that fits your needs. This will reduce complexity, ensure business connectivity and enable secure remote communication across your business operations.

Managed Mobility

The shift to a mobile orientated workforce has bought a need for greater security and device management. We focus on delivering connectivity, integration and visibility which helps protect your endpoints from smart phones and laptops to other mobile based devices. From billing, lifecycle management to security we work with you to ensure your devices work and operate in a secure manner.

Managed Application

As you evolve the way you interact with your customers the need for speed around applications control and platforms is growing. We can assist you with platform professionals, defined methodologies for better support and maintenance. As a result you can enjoy enhanced application experience and improved customer interactions across your business.

Managed Network

Networks have evolved and extended beyond the controls of our offices which dramatically increased their complexity. With help of our industry partners and team of experts we can simplify the deployment and management of your network to ensure optimum services and application flows. This will help you to increase agility whilst reduce cost and overall complexity in the management of your business.

Managed Security

Managing your cyber security with limited staff, budgets and an ever growing skills shortage is complex and is leaving businesses exposed. Kalinda IT has experience in managing this complexity on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your core business and your customers. We help you to understand your current Cyber Security Maturity level and gradually work to build a stronger and more robust Cyber Posture across all areas of your business.

Telecoms Billing Management (TIMS, TEMS)

Application add-ons, premium services and other adjunct cost driving telephony expenses up which brings the importance of contract compliance and visibility to the foreground. Kalinda IT, as a sole partner of Avotus across the Asia Pacific region, has enabled a peace of mind approach to manage and maintain fleets of billing services across the globe. With us you can focus on a lifecycle approach to all areas of telecoms.

IT Service Desk

Businesses are shifting towards outsourcing their Business-as-Usual services to focus on revenue growth drivers. Our IT Services specialists are focused on ensuring that your business operates efficiently and effectively, with seamless integration between our team and your service models. Extend your operations through our team and focus on what really matters.

Remote Infrastructure Management

As organisation dependence on technology grows, so does the complexity to implement and manage this changing infrastructure. Kalinda Engineering teams are flexible in delivering services and uptime across this multi-cloud world through secure services that operate in any environment. We make it easier for you to maintain your business at the speed of change.

Resource Augmentation

Maintaining skilled and certified staff for all facets of IT is becoming complex, costly and inefficient. Kalinda IT can assist you by delivering certified engineers for projects or long term engagements. This will allow you to focus on delivering your projects without the costly need to employ and upskill staff as project volumes increase.