"As a proud Indigenous man, I believe the only way to closing the gap is through employment and engagement across this country. We have seen many programs of works that have focused purely on education, with a limit of work or meaningful employment at the end of such programs causing a vacuum of educated individuals with no career prospects.

At Kalinda IT we are focused on enabling pathways and self-determination for First Nations people across Australia. Establishing proper educational pathways means we need to engage indigenous youth early as they are leaving school (15- and 16- year-olds) with a proper Apprenticeship program for IT sector.

Our commitment and focus are directed towards creating the ability for Indigenous youth to form their own pathways. We will achieve that through providing them with their first education within IT and also guidance on how to build personal wealth, understand money and the ways to maintain it.

Having looked to partner with educational organisations, it has been clear to there is no program available today that allows us to focus on IT as a trade. As an organisation we have set forward the process to create and maintain a project works, that will cover both education through employment, with a focus on maintaining connection to country and jobs in community.

Our commitment is funded through 10% of our profits. These profits are generated though our partnerships with vendors, Service Provides, customers and other companies (partners) who are also working towards greater empowerment of Indigenous People and Youth.

True commitment comes through visibility of programs and services being offered. We are partnering with some leading providers of platforms that will allow our partners to track where 10% of our profits directly being spent, offering them the ability to participate the entire journey of our Indigenous Youth and their Apprenticeships.

To do this we’ve been working with our vendor partners on lowering the age required for the entry certifications. This will enable us to work in line with established pathways, whilst being able to employee and work with young individuals as they are coming through their formative years.

If you want to know more about the program, please send me a personal email or give me a call."

Michael Dickerson, CEO and Founder